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Offering a wide range of Orthopedic services:

Ankle & Foot: Foot and ankle pain can originate from a number of causes.  The most obvious is a mechanical injury such as a sprained ankle dropping something on your foot.  Injury to this area can also be caused by repetitive injury.
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Elbow Wrist & Hand: Injury or pain in the Wrist, Hand or Elbow can be some of the most debilitating injury anyone can deal with.  Our world revolves around the use of our hands to perform self care activities including cooking, cleaning and dressing.  Our wrist and elbow function to put our hands into a functional position.
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Hips & Pelvis: The hip and pelvis are one of our areas of specialty at For Life Therapy.  Hip pain is often confused with back pain, sciatica and can even cause knee pain.   Click here for more information on Hips & Pelvis

Knee: We’ve all heard about famous athletes injuring their knees.  Blown out ACL’s, meniscus tears and dislocated knee caps are all to common.  But so is arthritis, tendinitis and muscle strains.
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Low Back: Low back pain is the second most common reason people are seen by a Medical Doctor behind the common cold.  It is estimated that at least 75% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their life. 
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Shoulder: The shoulder is one of my favorite joints.  I have spent the better part of my 12 year career treating various shoulder injuries.  From AC joint sprains to shoulder dislocations I really have seen it all. 
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