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Hip and Pelvis

The hip and pelvis are one of our areas of specialty at For Life Therapy.  Hip pain is often confused with back pain, sciatica and can even cause knee pain.  The hip and pelvis are the transition point between the upper and lower body.  This means that there is an extreme amount of stress placed on these tissues during any and all movements.  During walking the amount of force placed on the hip can be up to 4 times a persons body weight.  That’s 600lbs for a 150lb person.  It’s no wonder why injury can happen.


A basic evaluation of the hips and pelvis include assessing motion of the hip joints.  In many cases it is not muscle stiffness that limits motion but actual joint stiffness.  This is very difficult to assess and treat without the help of a skilled Physical Therapist.  Following motion assessment we will look at individual muscle strength, but more importantly combined muscle strength and coordination.  Often times what we think is weakness is actually poor muscle coordination.


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