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Injury or pain in the Wrist, Hand or Elbow can be some of the most debilitating injury anyone can deal with.  Our world revolves around the use of our hands to perform self-care activities including cooking, cleaning and dressing.  Our wrist and elbow function to put our hands into a functional position.


So what happens when we develop pain?  The hand and wrist is not something to mess around with.  There are over 25 bones in each hand and wrist with an intricate weaving of tendons and ligaments to allow proper function.  Any insult to these tissues can cause catastrophic consequences.  The skills of a knowledgeable therapist are necessary to treat these structures.   The elbow can also cause a great deal of disability.  Common injuries are tennis and golfers elbow.  At For Life Therapy our staff has extensive knowledge in treatments backed by research and personal experience.



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