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Parkinson's Disease 

Parkinson’s Disease a neurological disease that is caused by a death of the cells in our brain that send messages from one part of the brain to the parts of our brain for movement. This causes a decreased production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is needed to control movement and coordination. Parkinson’s Disease is considered a progressive and chronic movement disorder. This means it will get worse over time.


At this point, there has not been proven reasons for why one person develops Parkinson’s Disease over another. Certainly theories have evolved and research is being conducted, but there is not definitive answer.


It is important to remember that every person is affected differently by Parkinson’s Disease and severity of symptoms can also be variable from person to person.

  • Tremors

  • Postural instability

  • Bradykinesia or slowness of movement

  • Rigidity or stiffness of movement 

Doctors of Physical Therapy are trained in treating the ever changing dynamic of Parkinson’s Disease. Did you know the For Life Therapy has 3 clinicians on staff that have completed extra training for treating Parkinson’s Disease and are certified in the LSVT BIG program which is specifically designed for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease? This program is an intense, highly researched base program designed to increase the movement patterns used by patient’s with Parkinson’s Disease. As Parkinson’s Disease progresses, movements get smaller and smaller which causes one to have difficulty moving about in their everyday life. The LSVT BIG Program focuses on increasing the size of movement which assists with completing daily tasks, balance, safety, improved walking and mobility.

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