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Pain can be a difficult to explain as pain is a very individualized symptom.  Pain can be from chemical causes such as enzymes, swelling, and nerve excitation.  It can be from mechanical causes such as broken bones, ligament tears, etc.  But pain can also be from emotional causes such as stress, depression and anxiety. In order to treat pain, we must first understand YOUR pain. 


Doctors of Physical Therapy are uniquely qualified to treat your pain.  Pain is a symptom of a larger problem.  I describe pain as the body's “fire alarm.”  It is very easy to turn off the alarm, but if we don’t put out the fire it’s easy to imagine what kind of damage can happen.  That’s what For Life Physical Therapy does best.  We are the body's “fire fighters.”


It is important to know that we never ignore pain.  In fact, the first step in our  

For Life Therapy Model of Care is symptom management, and this includes pain.  There are many treatments we utilize to manage pain including dry needling, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, controlled movement, and mindfulness.  More importantly, we focus on breathing techniques and nervous system regulation.  During a pain cycle, the body gets stuck in a high nervous system output, the equivalent of a fight or flight situation.  In controlling your breathing we can control your nervous system.  Often, this simple activity decreases pain significantly, and allows us to start addressing the true cause of your pain.

If you are ready to be rid of your pain for good, call us at 605-878-3334 to schedule an appointment or stop in and visit with our staff.

Pain Relief

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