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For Life Physical Therapy is proud to announce our NEW Occupational Health services.  Our staff is certified in the KEY Functional Assessments Method; This nationally renowned method has been proven to be the most objective testing for work capabilities, and we are bringing it to Watertown, Brookings and Sioux Falls areas.


Our Services Include:

  • On-site consultation for injuries

  • Ergonomic assessments


KEY Functional Assessments:

  • Whole Body Functional Capacity Evaluation 

    • A 4-hour, comprehensive assessment used to determine an employee’s safe functional capabilities following an injury or event. 

  • Upper Extremity Functional Capacity Evaluation

    • A 4-hour assessment that is focused on repetitive motion disorders or traumatic injury of the shoulders, elbows, hands, and fingers.

  • Prior to Hire or Job Placement

    • A 30 minute assessment used to evaluate an applicant’s safe functional capabilities relating to specific job functions. The assessment is in compliance with ADA, EEOC, and Affirmative Action guidelines.

  • Functional Review or Return to Work

    • A 2-hour assessment used to compare and update previous findings. This assessment typically follows interventions and/or work conditioning.

  • Healthy Worker Audit

    • A 1-hour assessment used to provide a general overview of the employee’s safe functional capabilities and is administered annually.


If you would like to learn more call us at 605-878-3334 or stop in and visit with our staff.

Occupational Health

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