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         It is no secret that we are living longer! In the next 50

years, it is expected that our geriatric population will more

than double. But how do we keep ourselves healthy as we

age? ACTIVITY! One of the best things to do is to keep moving.

         People say all the time “Well, I am this old. You can’t

expect too much out of an old lady/man.” Yes we can! At

For Life Therapy, we believe age is only a number, it is not a

limitation. We continually challenge our geriatric population

into new activities. We definitely are not limited by a person’s

age. We take careful consideration of their medical history,

current functional status and current physical status before

we get to work. But we will definitely keep you moving!

          At For Life Therapy, we are PROactive and not REactive

which is a huge benefit to the geriatric population. We use this

approach to ward off things such as deconditioning, loss of

strength, stiff joints, poor balance and the dreaded FALLS. We

have found that if we address these areas right away and

continue to create challenges, we have seen a decrease in fall


          If you are concerned about your fall risk status or the fall risk status of your loved one, don’t hesitate to call For Life Therapy today!

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