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Athletic Strength and Conditioning

Injury prevention and management are not only goals of a Physical Therapist,  but also goals of parents and coaches. Effective injury prevention starts with a good strength and conditioning program. 


At For Life Physical Therapy we are proud to have the area's only Doctor of Physical Therapy who is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and CrossFit L-1 Trainer.  Dr. Jake Tesch has been a part of the strength world for 20+ years.  Beginning with general athletics and progressing into power lifting, Jake has seen the fads come and go and has personally experienced all the mistakes when it comes to training.  This is why he has dedicated the last 5 years to becoming a forward thinking, life-long strength coach and athlete. 


Having a strength coach who is also a Doctor of Physical Therapist allows movement to take priority in training, and thus optimizes training outcomes and prevents injury.  Our For Life Model of Care can be placed into the strength world, whether pain is present or not.  If pain is not present we move directly into mobility and joint stability.  Proper movement before higher intensity not only allows training without risk of injury, but also places appropriate focus on the muscles being trained.  This means a more efficient training session and faster results.


If you would like to learn more call us at 605-878-3334 or stop in and visit with our staff.

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