Ankle and foot

Foot and ankle pain can originate from a number of causes.  The most obvious is a mechanical injury such as a sprained ankle dropping something on your foot.  Injury to this area can also be caused by repetitive injury.  As the song goes, “Every step you take, every move you make,” Your foot and ankle are there.  Improper shoes, poor training habits or impaired movement throughout the lower body can all cause symptoms in your legs, ankles and feet.


Unfortunately it’s not as simple as stretch this or strengthen that.  With over 20 bones in you foot alone, this complicated structure of ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones and amazing architecture need some extra TLC from time to time.  Fortunately that’s what we specialize in at For Life Therapy.  A thorough analysis of you movement patterns, foot and ankle structure and integrity of all supporting structures will be completed identifying exactly the cause of you problems.  After this a treatment plan including a home program will be developed to correct you issues as fast as possible to allow return to full activity.


You have a long way to go in life so don’t ignore what your feet are telling you, call today.

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